Your Instagram Feed Is About to Get an Upgrade

Say hello to #InstaShoots, courtesy of Marie Claire's very own behind-the-scenes peek of our January cover.

(Image credit: Leigh Johnson)

Today we revealed our Next Big Thing issue (opens in new tab), starring Pride and Prejudice and Zombies badasses Lily James, Bella Heathcote, and Suki Waterhouse. (Take a look at their gorgeous covers here (opens in new tab).) And because our entire January issue is dedicated to all the cool new stuff that'll change your life in 2016, we decided to announce it with a bang.

In collaboration with Instagram, Marie Claire produced the first-ever #InstaShoot to capture an insider look at the making of a magazine cover. What *is* an #InstaShoot, you ask? We'll let the Instagram Queen herself, Eva Chen (opens in new tab), to fill you in: "An InstaShoot is a wholly original shoot that's designed to be shot and posted on Instagram. Last season, designers like J.W. Anderson and brands like Moschino used them to capture unique perspectives on their collections (J.W., for instance, tasked bloggers like Bryanboy and Susie Bubble to tell their story; Jeremy Scott had models shot as they exited the runway!)—Marie Claire's InstaShoot of their latest cover is taking it to the next level!"

On set to oversee the London-based shoot was our Creative Director and social media guru Nina Garcia: "It was all about having fun, being candid, and capturing those not-so-stylized moments." (Check out @NinaGarcia (opens in new tab) for even more of her behind-the-scenes shots.)

So if you haven't been stalking our Instagram (opens in new tab) today, we strongly suggest you do—there are lots of fun videos and insider peeks waiting for you. And stay tuned for more #InstaShoots coming your way straight from @MaireClaireMag (opens in new tab).

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