Confirmed: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Dance, Are Adorable in Their New Movie Musical

Those with heart conditions should proceed with caution.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
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Because they can't stop working together and no one in Hollywood looks cuter in a sailor collar and saddle shoes, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are starring in a musical containing vintage costumes, a love story that will make your own life seem inadequate, Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers-inspired waltzing, and did I MENTION DANCING?

Titled La La Land, the much-freaked-out-over, Damien Chazelle-directed musical focuses on a lonely aspiring actress and a charismatic jazz pianist whose dance routines reflect their blossoming love, Entertainment Weekly reports. Comparing it to Whiplash, which he also helmed, Chazelle says, "The two movies couldn't be more tonally different. But they're both about reconciling your dreams with the need to be human. La La Land is just much less angry about it."

The film arrives in theaters on July 15. Here is another Stone/Gosling dance routine to tide you over. Goodbye. ::goes into hibernation until summer:

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