Rihanna's First 'Anti' Single Is Here, and It Features Drake and His Emotions

It was worth the wait, guys.

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Please file this under "PRAISE." After making us watch what seems like a million Samsung commercials, Rihanna's new single is finally ready to be listened to on $9k Dolce and Gabbana headphones. In the words of Old Rose from Titanic:

Billboard reports that Anti will drop sometime this week, but in the meantime, Rihanna's first single is here. And good news for people who love dad dancing: Drake is featured on it.

The debut track, "Work," is available to download on Tidal (yes, Tidal is still a thing), and has all the makings of a hit with musings from Drake like "If you had a twin I would still choose you," and "I spilled all my emotions tonight, I'm sorry."

Don't ever apologize for your feelings, Drake. Listen to "Work" below.

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