The First 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer Is Here, and It's Straight-Up Haunting

Tale as old as time, y'all.

Emma Watson in Beauty and Beast
(Image credit: YouTube)

Emma Watson gives us life on a daily basis thanks to her general awesomeness and proclivity towards feminist book clubs, and now she's taking on one of Disney's most classic princesses: Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Though to be fair, Belle's less of a haughty princess and more of a total random who gets trapped in a castle with a misunderstood monster and some singing furniture. But yeah.)

Disney just dropped the first trailer for its live-action take on the animated classic, and—despite being a simple teaser—it's absolutely gorgeous. From the haunting music, to the gloomy cinematography, to the rich, almost gothic set design, there's literally no way this movie isn't going to stun.

That said, we can all agree that this teaser would have been even better if Gaston was on screen.

Beauty and the Beast gif

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Mehera Bonner
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