Skimmer Style: 5 Suave Boater Hats for the Weekend

Filled-to-the-brim with cool.

The sun won't be withdrawing its sizzling rays anytime soon and we intend to keep our faces shaded with one of the most classic hat styles of all: the boater hat. The skimmer is as iconic as it is functional with its polished, broad-brimmed shape and ribbon trim. Since rising to popularity, first within yachting culture in the '30s, then countrywide in the '50s, it's become a tried-a-true topper for men and women alike. These days there are endless iterations of the boater hat with all kinds materials, print trims, and band widths to choose from. Here, we've narrowed down the season's most decidedly hat tip-worthy boaters.

1. Nasty Gal Gillian Boater Hat, $30;

2. Topshop Straw Gingham Boater Hat, $44;

3. Scala Panama Straw Boater Hat, $140;

4. Eugnia Kim Brigitte Hat, $340;

5. Forever 21 Star Print Straw Boater, $12.80;

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