This Sexy Pennywise Costume Is Terrifying and Hilarious at the Same Time

Get ready to float, y'all.

Warner Bros. | Yandy

Just when you thought you were finally recovering from your Bill Skarsgård obsession, it looks like Pennywise is back just in time for Halloween.

Giphy, the company behind Harry Potter lingerie, is taking It fanfare to the next level with its latest costume release.


Called the Dancing Sewer Clown, the costume includes a "white gauzy dress with a square neckline, puffed sleeves with flared cuffs, black pompom embellishments, a bubble skirt, a ruffled neck piece with a hook-back closure, and a matching wide belt with velcro closure."

The likeness is uncanny.


PRE-ORDER Dancing Sewer Clown Costume, YANDY, $100

Accessorize this bad boy with a bright orange wig, red balloon, gloves, and fishnets, and you'll be all set to scare the sh*t out of everyone this year. If you're feeling extra dramatic, hang out near a storm drain or two.


And if Pennywise doesn't do it for you, maybe dress up as Jon Snow? Do you, boo. (Get it? Boo? Okay, bye.)

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