Travel to Tanzania for "Rustic Luxury"

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to travel. Basically, any opportunity I've ever had to visit another country (Ecuador! Italy! South Korea!) I've taken, documenting everything in my travel journal along the way. I even keep a travel binder, keeping tears from magazines of places I want to see. So, in my never-ending pursuit of the next great trip, I came across the Chada Katavi Camp in Tanzania.

My friend Lauren Scott, also a lover of all things travel, mentioned that she had just gone and that it had blown her away. She had seen hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes… They had roughed it in tents but had proper pillows and beds. In fact, she used the word "Hemmingway-esque" to describe the site: "You get the feeling of being out in nature and hearing all the animal noises, waking up with the sunrise and then sitting around the fire late at night," she continued. It was, in short, incredible and I had to go. There's no twisting my arm on this one. I'm already figuring out when I can go!

The last great herds of buffalo in East Africa are here, up to 1,000 a herd!

It's thought to have the greatest density of mammals than any other Tanzanian reserve.

What I would call "rustic luxury" :)

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