You Can Now Have Your Own Clueless-Inspired Digital Fitting Room

Never be a fashion victim or ensembly challenged again.

We've been waiting since the '90s (1995, to be exact) for this dream to become a reality, and finally the day is here: Cher Horowitz's closet technology is ours for the taking. The only glitch is that it doesn't come with her wardrobe.

Metail is a digital fitting room service that allows you to see what clothes online will look like on your body. It does so by taking your height, chest size, and weight, as well as exact hip and waist measurements. The concept behind the software is not to trick you into thinking you have a seemingly endless wardrobe, but actually to allow high street retail shoppers to try clothes on virtually, while getting a more realistic idea of fit based off your figure and not one of a sample size model. Futhermore, its Facebook sharing capabilities allow it to be a great platform for feedback.

The virtual closet-inspired app is launching with a Clueless-inspired campaign, which boasts everything from an Alicia Silverstone look-a-like model to Cher's iconic yellow plaid jacket and mini-skirt, knee socks, and mary jane heels for you to try on for size. We're not quite as fancy as Iggy Azalea, but we'll be giving it a go.

To #ShareYourCher, head to Metail and begin.

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