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Interview Outfits 101: What Marie Claire Editors Wore to Get Their Jobs

These looks sealed the deal.

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What makes a great job interview outfit? Step one: It has to fit well—no pulling buttons or skirts hiking up. Step two: It needs to be appropriate for your field. The elusive X factor, though, comes from an ensemble that makes you feel like a powerhouse. And though it's tough to check all those boxes, the great news is you only have to do it a few times. Keeping a dependable, proven interview outfit is like having an up-to-date resumé; you're always ready for whatever opportunity comes next. And, Marie Claire editors know this well. Our offices are pretty casual compared to, say, a law firm, but they also demand a certain sense of taste and style. Here, some of our talented staffers share the outfits that got them their jobs and how you can emulate the looks for your next gig.

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Sara Holzman, Fashion Market Editor
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"I hate the idea of panic buying a new interview outfit, instead I tried to stick to the basics I already own, keeping it polished with a blazer and elevated accessories."

Shop the pieces: 1. COS shirt, $69; 2. ATM sweater, $150; 3. Altuzarra blazer, $1,895; 4. LVIR shorts, $191; 5. Saint Laurent boots, $995

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Wanyi Jiang, Design Director
Clothing, Black, Footwear, Sleeve, Dress, Outerwear, Shoe, Formal wear, Suit, Uniform,

"I wore Zara and a smile."

Shop the pieces: 1. Zara jumpsuit, $90; 2. Bottega Veneta hoops, $620; 3. Tom Ford lipstick, $60; 4. Amazon brogues, $96

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Danielle McNally, Deputy Editor
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"I wore all of the textures: A sheer black blouse with dark cami underneath, black leather leggings, and a cream fur stole. My shoes were grey suede pumps."

Shop the pieces: 1. Uwila Warrior camisole, $58; 2. Isabel Marant Etoile top, $310; 3. Designers Remix leggings, $135; 4. La Fiorentina fur stole, $135; 5. Vince Camuto pumps, $70

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Taylor Ayers, Fashion Market Editor
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"I wanted an interview outfit that was simple, but refined. An outfit to give me the look of accomplished and put together."

Shop the pieces: 1. Tibi minidress, $371; 2. Sophie Buhai scrunchie, $220; 3. Wardrobe NYC leggings, $260; 4. Balenciaga flats, $695

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Katie Attardo, Accessories Editor
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"I honestly can’t remember what I wore, but I know I was in Zara. I was 22, fresh out of college and doe-eyed. My favorite lip shade has long been Nars Shanghai Express and I threw some on at the local Sephora. It's the personal touches like a fresh smack of lipstick and a good perfume that elevate the look and make you memorable."

Shop the pieces: 1. Zara dress, $90; 2. Jennifer Fisher hoops, $350; 3. Nars lipstick, $22; 4. Everlane heels, $145

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Megan Ditrolio, Associate Features Editor
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"I always feel more confident and like myself in pants and a power blazer. I want to look like a more polished version of myself in an interview, but not change my whole style."

Shop the pieces: 1. AG turtleneck, $83; 2. Vince blazer, $334; 3. AG jeans, $188; 4. Mondo Mondo bracelet, $150; 5. Rieke Nen bag, $400; 6. Manolo Blahnik pumps, $665

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Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy
Clothing, Suit, White, Black, Formal wear, Footwear, Outerwear, Sleeve, Trousers, Jacket,

"I only break out a silk shirt for big-deal days—they take forever to steam and are easily stained, and I’m lazy and clumsy. But I really, really wanted this job, so I went big with my favorite navy silk shirt, high-waisted skinny black jeans, and heeled ankle boots (this is about as dressy as I get). That was the last time I wore that silk shirt, but I still look at it lovingly from time to time."

Shop the pieces: 1. Tibi blouse, $495; 2. Toteme jeans, $140; 3. Edie Parker bag, $318; 4. Tabitha Simmons booties, $336


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