The Sweet Regular-Girl Secret Behind Kate Middleton's 'James Bond' Premiere Earrings

Well, regular-ish.

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Just when you thought you *hadn't* gone blind from staring directly at Léa Seydoux's gold and silver Prada sequins from Tuesday evening's Spectre premiere, here come Kate Middleton's accessories to take your eyesight once again. We don't mind.

To accompany her bespoke gray-blue Jenny Packham gown, the Duchess of Cambridge borrowed her mother's Robinson Pelham drop earrings, which Carole Middleton wore to her daughter's royal wedding reception in 2011. The blue topaz and diamond danglers go for £14,300, according to the jeweler's website, so feel free to do the conversion and cost-per-wear calculations yourself, then gasp, then pound your TI-84 Plus while shrieking "LIES."

Are those clip-ons?

Not to make matters worse, but 1) she also has access to vintage tiaras, and 2) she's totally up on the Spring 2016 trend reports. "IS THERE ANYTHING SHE CAN'T DO," you ask? Why, yes. Yes, there is.

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