Big Girl in a Skinny World: Office-Appropriate Style

Greg Kessler
Hello Ladies:

This week Stacy from Philadelphia wanted to know:

Hello Ms.Falcon,

I was a model at one point in my life. Then I got sick with a life threatening disease and had to take steroids so now I am 5'8 and 215 pounds. Since I am not able to model any more I have started going to school for my degree in fashion merchandising. Will people not notice me because of my weight gain? And how can I stay casual but still sexy in a way that I can still get noticed?

Hi Stacy,

Working in the fashion industry is one of the most coveted jobs and like all things worthwhile, it requires a lot of determination, effort and persistence. Unfortunately sometimes people have a certain idea of how industry people should look but the bottom line is they are very busy and if you wow them with your enthusiasm and your resume, you will get your shot. If you can manage to make their lives easier, they won't care what size you are. Once you have made it in, it is important to dress the part. You most certainly do not want to look sexy at work; save sexy for the weekends. You want to look chic and classic. It is tempting for interns to schlep around in jeans and a t-shirt but do your best to look put together. Remember you represent the company and more importantly, yourself. This industry is unpredictable and you never know when an opportunity will present itself. Work hard and your work will speak for itself. Best of luck with everything!



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