Exclusive: Rebecca Minkoff on Her Latest Position

MC headed over to designer Rebecca Minkoff's studio to chat about her new position as the judge for the Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge. Young talented designers from around the country will send t-shirt designs inspired by Diet Coke and Taylor Swift to be judge by Rebecca Minkoff. The winning design will be featured in Target stores. Check out what Minkoff has to say about upcoming trends and Taylor Swift's style.

What will the Diet Coke Challenge mean to a young designer?

I think that it will now mean that the winner will have a name that people have heard in a lot of places because the exposure is huge. Between Diet Coke and Target promoting them, they will reach so many people. When that person follows up with their next design they will already have their foot in the door.

On Taylor Swift's style:

I love that Taylor's style is so personal and feels very genuine - it matches the feel you get from her music. She has a romantic, girly look paired with a classic inspiration. She would be very fun to dress in my own collection!

On upcoming trends:

I'm in love with rose gold – I see that as a trend moving into summer with everyone getting a nice tan. We also have a lot of color in our summer delivery so we are embracing color now that winter is maybe gone.

On her upcoming collection:

Our Fall line which is hitting stores this July was inspired by the stars and space.

Maybe you can be the next Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge winner. Head over to DietCoke.com/DesignerChallenge by May 31 to see if your design makes the cut!

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