New Figue Boutique Opening in South Hampton

With the summer season comes an excess of weekend trips to the beach, vacations as über-tourists, and of course, those hour-long road-trips and plane rides to your fantastic destination. Meet Figue, pronounced fig, the latest in lifestyle wear designed specifically for women with a serious case of wanderlust. Designer Stephanie von Watzdorf wanted to create a new kind of luxe collection for chic, effortless travel looks, but to be donned in everyday life, as well. Von Watzdorf comes fresh off a tenure as vice president of design at Tory Burch, with more then 20 years of experience with some of fashion's most luxurious brands, like Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren. Thus, Figue was a natural move for her, aiming to design for the gypsy-meets-jet-set woman she got to know so well throughout her career.

Figue has price points starting at $95 and going up to $2,000+ for one-of-a-kind items. Shop online now at, and check out Figue's Hamptons boutique at 68 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY, (631) 204-0100.

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