Get Your Own E-Stylist Thanks to Rent the Runway's Latest iPhone App

Rent the Runway makes style interactive with the launch of their new app, Go Try It On

Rent the Runway — the e-retailer we know and love that lets women have "a new dress for every occasion" — announced today they have acquired a social styling app, Go Try It On. This iPhone application enables its users to "share photographs of styles they love, and send and receive suggestions on what to wear and buy with participating friends, stylists and brands," answer clients' questions of what should I wear? (Hot tip: You can also find Rent the Runway promo codes if you don't have the storage space.)

The acquisition also brings on board Go Try It On's Founder and CEO, Marissa Evans, as Rent the Runway's Head of Radical Innovation, a newly created position. Not only will Evans be bringing her proven social savviness to Rent the Runway's operation, which CEO and co-founder, Jennifer Hyman, believes will "revolutionize our business," but she also completes a female, Harvard MBA trifecta. Hyman, along with co-founder Jennifer Fleiss, both hold business degrees from Harvard Business School, as does their new appointee, Evans. Success bodes well for a venture helmed by three women who clearly know how to take the lead.