5 Chic New Ways to Wear the Denim Pieces You Already Own

Madewell's newest lookbook offers up some killer styling tips.
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Reimagined denim was one of the biggest trends on the spring runways (think patches, frayed hems, and new silhouettes), and is one of the easiest fashion pieces to style. Not to mention, almost everyone has at least two denim items in their wardrobe. Here, we took inspiration from five of Madewell's new spring lookbook shots for some great ways to wear your denim.
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Patch Your Jeans
Patched jeans are huge right now, and not only cover up rips and tears but add interesting texture and color. Pair them with simple tops (avoid too much embellishment or print), for a chic look.
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Try overalls in fall
Denim overalls aren't just for kids. A collared shirt adds a preppy grown-up touch while a heavy peacoat makes them seasonally appropriate.
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Denim on denim is no longer a faux pas
Contrary to fashion rules, denim on denim can work. If you're unsure of the trend opt for different hues (such as dark denim on the bottom and light above), or throw in an accessory like a scarf or sweater tied at your waist to break it up.
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Throw a denim jacket over everything
Whether it's a dress, a jumpsuit, or a midi skirt and button down, there's almost nothing a denim jacket doesn't look good with. Make it your new go-to jacket.
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Try a denim skirt with flats
Think a denim skirt belongs in the '90s? Think again. The style is back and looks cool and on-trend paired with sneakers and a fitted t-shirt. Perfect for errands and brunch.
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