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12 Fashion-Girl Styling Tricks You Can Do with Stuff You Already Own

Hear that? It's your closet weeping from happiness.
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It's decided: I shall name my band Strategic Tucking, because 1) that's all I've thought about since Fashion Month started, 2) Vomitface is already taken, and 3) the Fall 2015 shows are full of new ways to wear old clothes. Cool, creative outfits don't analyze themselves, though, so let's get parsing.
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Outerwear becomes all-the-time-wear
You know those people who never take their jackets off? Looking at this two-topper Topshop Unique look, I might have just become one of them.
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Courtesy of Banana Republic
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Wear your scarves year-round
This outfit from Marissa Webb's first Banana Republic collection is *A-OK emoji* on its own, but what's that hanging out by her left thigh? A summer scarf worn asymmetrically with one end exposed. *A-OK emoji* just turned into *100 emoji*, no?
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Repurpose your going-out tops
The Burberry Prorsum prints won't be easy to dupe, but this combo would look just as fresh with a denim shirtdress and a leather going-out top. Everybody's still got some of those, even if we don't call them that anymore.
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Courtesy of Coach
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Steal your dog's bandana
If I had a dog, I would lift one of those paisley squares she gets free from the groomer. Then, I would tie it around my own neck, leaving my hair trapped, and feel really tough like one of Stuart Vevers's Coach girls. I might even put a turtleneck on after so my neck is really immobilized.
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Courtesy of Isa Arfen
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No bra, no sleeves, no problem
Wear a semi-sheer shirt under a peplum tank top like Isa Arfen, get away with two potential dress-code violations in one ensemble. *M.I.A. plays*
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Courtesy of J.Crew
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Meet the half-tuck's lazier cousin
By now, you've mastered the turtleneck lob, so kindly turn your attention to the other secret of this J.Crew look: the demi-tuck, AKA sticking a tiny section of your sweater into your skirt to show off the tie you're too chic to make into a full-blown bow. Bonus: No Phantom of the Opera abdomen growth!
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Try a dress over pants already
Tibi makes a dress over pants look so easy. Stick to one of those "Bardot" dresses in black (just this once, you hear?) and think of it as a tunic. See? Not so scary.
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Courtesy of Katie Ermilio
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Downplay a sheer dress
You're probs not going sans-lining—unlike this Katie Ermilio model—but the button-down-under-a-slip-dress thing works either way.
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Courtesy of Veronica Beard
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Pile on half your wardrobe at once, still look cute
Crisp oxford + cropped sweater vest + short jacket + longer jacket + flippy skirt + tights = Veronica Beard's mad-genius formula and everything we want to wear right now.
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Courtesy of Rosetta Getty
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Sweaters as scarves is such a thing, and we aren't even smug right now
Rosetta Getty is also pro-knit-knot. (Ahem, told you so.) Get instructions here.
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Job-interview lace tops can be sexy *gasp*
The idea: Layer the dorky sleeveless top you bought before you realized business casual is a fallacy under a skin-baring dress à la Altuzarra. The execution: a hell of a lot of sleeve origami if the straps aren't terribly wide. The elegant solution: Chop those polyester ruffles right off.
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Courtesy of Rosie Assoulin
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The new way to wear your button-downs
All white button-downs should be artfully crumpled and pulled down to expose one shoulder, don't you think? Thanks, Rosie Assoulin.
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