12 Times Kendall Jenner Channeled Paris Hilton's Style

Seeing double!

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Kendall Jenner freely admits that Paris Hilton is one of her fashion icons. "Paris is a family friend, so, like our big sisters, we have always admired her fashion sense," she said to W Magazine of her 21st birthday look. Bet you didn't realize, however, that she's been influenced by Paris' style many other times. Check out all their #twinning looks here.

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Barely There Chainmail Dresses with Chokers

Party like a disco ball!

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Daringly Low-Backed Dresses Accompanied by Fierce Smizes

How low can they go?

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Black Lingerie Worn as a Shirt with Teeny-Tiny Matching Bottoms

Paris wore her bralette as a shirt before that was even a thing.

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Frilly White Minis with Coordinating Footwear and Teeny Handbags

Kendall apparently missed the bomber and paperboy cap part of the memo.

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Army Jackets with Black Leather Pants and Booties

Color scheme on point.

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Crazy-Intricate Over-the-Knee Sandals with Black Maxi Dresses

Taking gladiator shoes to the next level.

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Totally Sheer Black Dresses

Why wear a regular dress when you can wear a naked dress?

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Pink Hoodies with Matching Sweatpants and Flip-Flops

Kendall's furry bag charm is basically a stand-in for Paris' dog Tinkerbell (RIP).

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The Fringiest White Midi-Length Dresses on the Planet with Black Shoes

Even on the runway, Kendall's putting out Paris vibes!

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Revealing Lace-Up Shirts Cut to the Navel

Paris took a plunge, but Kendall's got her beat on #FreeingTheNipple.

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Midriff-Baring Black Tanks with Flared Pants and Middle Parts

One thing's for sure: 2000s-era Paris never would have condoned Kendall's high-rise pants.

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Silky Slips Worn as Dresses and Sky-High Heels

Partying in their PJs and living the dream!

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