Oh No: The Low Rise Is Coming Back

Sounds of looting.

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Imagine The Purge but worse, because it doesn't end after 24 hours. This is now our fashion reality, as designers who aren't content to leave well enough alone re-inflict that favorite punchline of the aughts: the low rise. But is it back and better and less "there's a suspicious breeze on my backside" than ever? That remains to be seen in the examples below.

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1 Bella Hadid

"Bella Hadid" is not a designer yet, but she sure is her brand. And these days, part of her brand is exposing her hips with a one-two punch of high-cut bodysuit and low-slung trousers.

2 Heron Preston

Also illustrated here, in camo. 

3 Paco Rabanne

Has your lower midriff not seen the light of non-beach day since the Simple Life was on air either? What are we going to DO? 

4 A.L.C.

I can assure you these are low-rise. But could you wear these without tugging on your shirt hem every two seconds?

5 Nilli Lotan

Look at how short that rise is. Hold me—I'm scared.

6 Proenza Schouler

This is at couture. And I don't hate it because it is at couture, but also because it's surfer-y instead of plumber-y. 

7 Proenza Schouler

For evening! 

8 Rodarte

The Carrie Bradshaw belt too!

9 Rodarte

When tulle and leather almost make you forget about the horror show that will happen when you try to sit in a pair of low-rise pants.

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