Funky Fly: Beyoncé's Roller Skating Style

If anyone can bring back the skating trend, it's Bey.

Beyoncé's sway knows no bounds, which means that if anyone can bring back the roller skating craze — which hasn't experienced a revival since the golden age of disco in the '70s — it's Queen Bey. We first saw her hit Funplex, a rink in her hometown Houston, Texas, in her harlequin music video for Blow (2013), and over the weekend she returned in decidedly funky fashion. Bey strapped on her skates wearing a Givenchy T-shirt, distressed denim cut-offs, and a plaid button-up tied around her waist. In preparation for what we can only predict will be the Yoncé-induced return of the roller skate, we've got the goods to help you recreate her look.

1. Vans McCarren Park Woven Shirt, $41.99;

2. Topshop Moto Bleach Hallie Hotpants, $60;

3. Moxi Ivy Jungle Skates, $179;

4. Givenchy Madonna Halo Printed T-shirt, $550;

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