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Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Know when you see a stranger wearing something that's so awesome you have to stop her and say, "Hey, where'd you get that?" After we realized it was happening all the time in our very own office, we decided to start stalking staffers and beg them to share. Enjoy!

Name: Emily Cohn

M.O.: Fashion manager

Why she chose this outfit: "It's Friday. I wanted to wear something casual but still chic enough for the office."

Her look: Layer diva

Standout item: Leather wrap watch

Where to get it: "The watch is La Mer. I got it at Shopbop for $98. The tank top is from J. Crew, two for $30, and the sweater vest is Club Monaco; it was about $160. These are Hudson jeans ($110) and Miu Miu shoes; I think they were around $400. The necklace belonged to my grandmother."

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