Hey, Where'd You Get That?

What do you wear to work when you work at one of the most famous fashion magazines in the nation?

Name: Courtney Dunlop

M.O.: Contributing beauty editor

Why she chose this outfit: "I was running late — I was thinking 'What can I throw on in 2 seconds and still look presentable for meetings?' Plus, I like the woodland scene on the dress. The slip underneath makes the whole thing look slightly disheveled, which is a look I love. "

Her look: Fairy tale wannabe

Standout item: Acorn shaped necklace

Where to get it: "The dress is Pinky Otto, it was probably about $100; the slip also Pinky Otto, $50. I don't remember where the tights came from! But I usually get my tights at Dillard's in Springfield, MO (my home town) and the shoes are Cole Haan, $300. The necklace was a gift but I believe the person got it at Catbird in Brooklyn, I don't know how much it cost.