Here's Your Ultimate Rosé Drinking Guide

There's one amazing new bottle to try every weekend until Labor Day.

Ahem: It's summer, which means, as we all know, that we'll be drinking rosé like it's our job. So Marie Claire teamed up with Delish (opens in new tab) to find the 13 best under-$20 bottles to help you stay hydrated 'til Labor Day.

Be classy, impress your friends with this pick from France's Loire Valley. We obsessed over its dry, slightly sweet taste, with strong notes of strawberries and cherries. To buy: $12 (opens in new tab)

The party arrives when this one-liter (!) bottle of crisp deliciousness does. To buy$18 (opens in new tab)

Do yourself a favor and make this pink cava (a.k.a. Spanish bubbly) your new Prosecco. To buy: $15 (opens in new tab)

Loathe rosé with a sweet side? Then this extra-dry, small-batch bottle produced on Long Island's North Fork is your jam. (Oh, and did we mention it also comes in a totally classy box (opens in new tab)? Done.) To buy: $18 (opens in new tab)

Easy to drink (as Delish editor Candace unabashedly proves), this Oregon winner is great for the rosé newbie who hasn't yet come over to the pink side. (Also available in really adorable cans (opens in new tab).) To buy: $12 (opens in new tab)

This festive sparkling wine from New Mexico's award-winning Gruet Winery (try their brut, too) will make you wish rosé season lasted all year. To buy: $16 (opens in new tab)

Buy this Sicilian rosé for its gorgeously girly label—or light, delicate flavor that'll make you wonder how you're already on your third glass. (No judgment.) To buy: $16 (opens in new tab)

Score: This California mix of Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Cab Franc tastes as good as its label design looks. To buy: $15 (opens in new tab)

If you love strawberries, cool down with this super-fruity French favorite. To buy: $13 (opens in new tab)

Betcha never tried a rosé from Portugal before. Now's the time with this cherry-colored pick that only costs ten bucks. To buy: $10

South African wines might get a bad rap, yet we can't help but toss back this salmon-colored, creamy bubbly, made in the same style as Champagne. To buy: $19

The wine you bring to a dinner party if you're trying to impress—or if anyone there knows sh*it about wine. It'll set you back a few more bucks than some, but it's elegant and well-balanced with nice hints of raspberry. To buy: $19 (opens in new tab)

Malbec fans, we've unearthed the sparkling refresher you must pour on your next date night. To buy: $20

Lindsay Funston is a food editor who has more than 10 years experience tasting everything from pickles to bloody marys, writing about food trends, and creating easy recipes.