Watch Shiri Appleby and Her Chef Husband Make the Sickest Nachos Ever

The UnReal actress and the chef/owner of Los Angeles' Animal school us all in the ultimate comfort food.

When most people think of actresses' diets, they think kale salads, green smoothies, and portion-controlled meals prepared by a personal chef. It's a safe assumption—one that UnReal (opens in new tab) star Shiri Appleby's own husband made the first time they cooked together.

"I was a little disappointed—he thought I was one of those actresses who was joking about wanting to cook," says Appleby.

Her husband's Jon Shook, chef and owner behind Animal, Jon & Vinny's, Son of a Gun and Trois Mec in Los Angeles (opens in new tab). He played it safe, cooking whitefish with a side salad—"he thought I was into clean eating," explains Appleby explains—and had his catering staff tackle all of the cutting and prepping before she got there.

He quickly learned better, and as you can see from the outrageous prime rib nachos they made together, Appleby has no problem getting hands-on in the kitchen.

After making us realize there's a prime rib-shaped hole in our lives that only this appetizer can fill, Appleby called to talk about living with a chef (uh, #relationshipgoals), the foods that get her through a day of filming—and why she always gets the sucky jobs when it's time to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Okay, hardest question first: How did you and Jon come up with those prime rib nachos?

"I was pregnant, so it wasn't that challenging. We were at the supermarket, saw the prime rib and thought, 'What would go with this?' After we made them the first time, I started craving them."

Were there any other foods you craved while pregnant?

"I randomly craved blueberry muffins and vanilla lattes, which is nuts. Also, I ate a lot of pasta—any pasta. I just wanted anything that was warm and filling. When you're pregnant, you're like a bottomless pit."

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What's a typical food day like now? Are you still all about pasta and blueberry muffins?

"Now, I'll have a bagel or cereal or granola for breakfast. Lunch is typically a salad, hamburger or sushi, and dinner? It could be ramen, soup dumplings, a chicken sandwich or a salad with steak or fish. ...Since Jon's a chef, we're always going to restaurants and trying different things. I try not to limit myself."

How has Jon influenced the way you eat?

"My palate's more sophisticated now. I'll eat sweetbreads; I'd never had soup dumplings before, and now they're one of my all-time favorite foods now. Once I started taking Jon to my favorite restaurants, I realized the food there wasn't that good. He'd be like, 'Shiri, this is terrible.' So there are some places I don't take him to, because I can tell they're not that good and I don't want him to ruin them."

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Your show, UnReal, is a drama that takes people behind-the-scenes of how a fictional, dating reality show is made. Do you ever confuse the on-set craft services table for the real one?

"We actually film our real craft services table, so we'll eat the same stuff on-camera that we would off-camera. I discovered Cronuts that way, and if watch the show, you'll see my character eats them more and more. I couldn't stop eating Cronuts, just because they're so damn good!"

That's amazing. Your character, Rachel, is this producer caught in a fast-paced world where she has to continually manipulate the show's contestants, and she seems pretty conflicted about it. Are there any foods or drinks that you wouldn't normally have, but they're perfect for her?

"In the first episode, I was constantly drinking water, just to flush everything out. Then [UnReal co-creator] Sarah Shapiro said Rachel should be drinking super-sugary drinks so she's always wired, so after that first episode, I'm always drinking Coke."

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What's one dish you make that Jon loves?

"Sloppy Joes. He uses the recipe for catering sometimes, which I love. He likes my baking too—I do a lot of banana breads, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cakes and coffee cakes."

When you and Jon were making nachos, you mentioned you always get the sucky jobs at Thanksgiving. What kind of jobs do you get?

"I get stuck, like, snapping green beans, but it's not 12, it's 300. Or it's pulling a ton of parsley. I'm sitting here for days, and when dinner's ready, you can't be like, 'oh, I peeled the carrots,' because nobody cares."

Okay, time for a lightning round: Your favorite snack when binge-watching TV?

"Popcorn—SkinnyPop, specifically."

The ultimate breakfast is...

"Granola with yogurt, and I get it from Jon & Vinny's (opens in new tab)."

The worst food in the world is...

"Bonito flakes (dried, fermented tuna). I hate them. Hate them."

The best food ever is...

"Pasta. I love the pappardelle at Cafe Med on Sunset (opens in new tab)."

Your favorite cocktail is...

"A moscow mule from Son of a Gun (opens in new tab)."

When somebody's sick in your house, you're making...

"I'm buying Matzo ball soup."

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We're going out for fast food. Where do we go and what do you order?

"In and Out. A hamburger with grilled onions, and French fries and a Coke."

The food that reminds you of childhood is...

"My mom's stuffed cabbage with yellow rice. She's an incredible cook."

What's your must-have candy from a convenience store?

"Sour Patch Kids."

The ultimate dessert is...

"Carrot cake from Joan's on Third (opens in new tab)."

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