Chasing Coffee with a Nap Is the Key to Feeling Your Most Alert

The "coffee nap" combo delivers a double shot of energy, science says.

We've already told you that naps are good for you. And we're pretty big fans of coffee around here, too. But have you ever thought about combining the two? Turns out that when you chase a cup of Joe with a short nap, it can actually do something quite magical to your alertness. Really.

Because it takes 10 to 20 minutes for caffeine to hit your blood—and for you to feel that surge of energy—you can actually sneak in a short nap before the caffeine kicks in and, in the end, feel a lot more energized. Think of it as a double shot of energy. Sound too good to be true? Vox helpfully recapped some of the scientific research behind the whole concept, and it all sounds pretty convincing.

Of course, you can't just casually sip on a mug of coffee and take a two-hour nap (we wish!). The key is to get a caffeine quickly—so if you can't down hot coffee in a few quick gulps, consider iced coffee or something more compact-but-potent like an espresso. (Tea and soda work too, but contain less caffeine.) Then, set your alarm for 20 minutes max. You don't want to sleep too long and let your body and brain slip into deeper stages of slumber. And if you only reach a peaceful resting state and don't fall totally asleep, that's okay, too. You still might get up feeling more awake than would after just drinking a cup of coffee alone.

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