Pros and Cons to Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

The upsides and downsides to hosting your own feast.
Andrew McLeod

Upside: Shots between courses!

Downside: Tequila doesn't go so well with turkey after all.

Upside: No six-hour delays at the airport.

Downside: Six hours of prep, six hours of cleanup.

Upside: You don't have to watch your lazy cousin watch TV and not offer to help.

Downside: You have to watch your lazy roommate watch TV and not offer to help.

Upside: Sweatpants at the table!

Downside: Sweatpants ... at the table.

Upside: You can pass out in front of your friends after dinner.

Downside: Your friends do stuff to you while you're asleep.

Upside: You can make the meal healthy!

Downside: Sugar-free apple pie sucks.

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