Summer Grilling Cookbook

Family-satisfying suppers
steak with argentine herb sauce
Kate Mathis
Get fired up! These 24 flame-kissed, family-satisfying suppers — everything from chicken to chops, steak to salad — will simplify mealtime all month long. Via Good Housekeeping
steak with argentine herb sauce
Kate Mathis
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Steak with Argentine Herb Sauce
To add South American sizzle to strip steak, drizzle with this garlic-spiked green sauce: Full-flavored but fast, its quick kick comes from cilantro and crushed red pepper. Get the recipe!
burger with french onions
Kate Mathis
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Burger with French Onions
Sandwiched between buttery brioche buns, this irresistible cheeseburger is slathered with tangy herbed mayo, then heaped high with gooey melted Gruyée and sautéed red onions. Get the recipe!
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Ribs with Carolina Barbecue Sauce
Every region of the United States is known for its unique barbecue style. In the Carolinas, ribs are coated in a spicy dry rub, then slathered with a tangy, vinegar-based sauce while cooking to add even more flavor. Get the recipe!
Chicken with Tex-Mex Salsa
Kate Mathis
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Chicken with Tex-Mex Salsa
Fresh, homemade salsa kicks up an easy summer standby like grilled chicken. Get the recipe!
salmon with citrus spice glaze
Kate Mathis
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Salmon with Citrus-Spice Glaze
We use skin-on salmon fillets to help us get the caramelized fish off the grill after cooking. When the skin sticks, the fish separates from it and lifts off easily. If you like to eat the salmon skin, simply use a spatula to remove it from the grill grate. Get the recipe!
pizza zucchini recipes
Kate Mathis
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Artisan Pizzas
Grilling adds a new texture and flavor to pizza. Try one of these three varieties (clockwise from top left): Pizza with Zucchini Pizza with Sausage and Mushrooms Pizza with Arugula and Prosciutto
shrimp with apple tomato salad
Kate Mathis
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Shrimp with Apple-Tomato Salad
Crisp and cooling, this supper-worthy salad is studded with coriander-seasoned shrimp, tart apples, and tomatoes. Toss with a creamy dressing for a beat-the-heat dinner. Get the recipe!
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