If You're a Girl Who Likes to Eat and Drink, Marie Claire Happy Hour Is for You

Bringing the festivities to wherever there is wifi.

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If you're ever in need of a snack—or a drink—just stop by the Marie Claire office. We like our libations and are never ones to turn down a nosh. Popcorn? Sure. Candy? Why not. Rosé when the clock strikes 5 p.m.? I meannnnn, duh. 

Which is why we decided to launch a new Facebook page dedicated solely to all things food and drink, aptly named Marie Claire Happy Hour. We wanted a space to share our favorite cocktail recipes and funny memes about overeating (hey, it happens). A place so lively it could transport you from the doldrums of your desk to a table sticky with margaritas where endless chips and salsa are within reach—er...mentally, at least. 

Maire Claire Happy Hour Logo

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So check it out! (And bookmark it, and tell your friends, and maybe your family...oh, and your dog, too, if you feel like it.) Let us know what you want to see more of! 

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Rosa Heyman

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