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Male Decoder: What to Wear to Bed

What's his favorite look between the sheets; should you slide into bed wearing sexy lingerie, boxers or nothing at all?

How to get your between-the-sheets look just right…

The Artist:

Just as Picasso painted the "Girl Before A Mirror," your artist sees you as a vision of beauty. He is cultured, creative and innovative. This art lover will appreciate your feminine form as it is meant to be (nude) in between the sheets. So, don't go spending big bucks.

The Jock:

He's simple, sweet and oh so sexy! It doesn't take a lot to make this hunk happy. Less is more, so follow the rules in his playbook and you will be sure to score. Any Baby-T with cotton panties will surely make you his MVP (Most Valuable Princess). Just in case his rippling biceps aren't enough to keep you warm, put on a pair of low riding pajama bottoms and a skin tight shirt to show off that beautiful body of yours. He will be sure to keep the stadium lights on, in order to see your every move.

The Prep:

An Ivy League look will graduate you to the top of the class. Your man loves the wrapping on the present almost as much as the gift itself. Conservative, cute and sexy, that's what will sail his yacht. The top must match the bottom in this case. So, slip into some cotton pajamas that highlight your curves, a T-shirt and boxer combo for hot summer nights, or if he is really in the mood, make him crazy with a classic lace bra and panty set.

The Bad Boy:

This bad boy has a mission when the lights go down, so he will need to be entertained, but kept in line. He has no desire for you to "slip into something more comfortable." G-strings, thongs and bikinis should fill your lingerie drawer, other options… boy shorts and a see thru tank top. By the end of the night, you will definitely be the one laying down the law.

The Business Man:

His bedtime fantasy girl is worth millions. If this is your man, he prefers an upscale, sexy look that classically highlights your curvy body. He is a true gentleman, who appreciates all the accoutrements that dress up your bedtime look. Lace up a beautiful corset with detachable garters and a matching G-string. Make sure those sexy, satin stilettos match your bedtime attire. And when the closing bell rings, leave the heels on.

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