The Pencil Skirt

Naked Truths

It's my sure thing. Skimming my knees, hugging my hips and thighs, black patent leather cinching my waist to a slimness I could never attain without it on. Forget silicone: My Robert Rodriguez high-waisted black pencil skirt is the best thing I ever did for my sex life.

Why is it that this one skirt can turn a man on more than any piece of lingerie could ever hope to? Why have I wasted my time in leopard and cheap satin when all I had to do was put on wool to provoke the "I want to do things to you" look? When I asked some guy friends why they are more into pencil skirts than, say, stilettos and G-strings, all fingers (let's hope they were fingers) pointed to suggestion and intrigue: "They're not too short, not too long, and the slit shows just enough to pique interest. They're genius in their sleekness."

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