Man-scaping: Should HE shave ... down there?


An article in today's New York Times is talking about the "trend" of women not shaving their legs and underarms. I'm rather skeptical about it actually being a trend--feeling the need to cite Julia Roberts having gone au natural circa 1999 seems like grasping for hairs, doesn't it?--but it did make me think there was something related that we should discuss.

We could talk, today, about how women are subjugated in our male-dominated culture and how we should all rebel by throwing our razors out the window and eating bon-bons ... but I think what would be far better for the human race, in the long run, is for we ladies to turn the tables and oppress men, instead! How about it, females--you with me?

In other words, I'd like to talk about THE PLEASURES OF MAN-SCAPING. Or male pube-grooming.

In the last five or so years, most of the guys I've seen naked have been neighbors I've been looking at through my telescope. No, no. What I meant to say is, since I'm a cougar, most of the guys I've seen naked lately have been in their mid-to-late 20's ... and they've all had little or no hair down there. Seems to be a generational thing. And I've got to say, I'm all for it.

Mainly, that's because the truly-nude males in the nude look sexier. I don't like too much hair anywhere, on a man or a woman. (I myself am completely hairless, thanks to technological intervention, except for on my head and in the eyebrow region.) Perhaps I think that because I've been aesthetically brainwashed by, um, women's magazines (?) and the like. On the other hand, all those ancient Roman sculptures of the gods, and all those Rodins? Those are some hot naked guys who have helped to set cultural standards, and THEY appear to be hairless too!

The one time in recent memory that I was with a man who had a pubic beard--a particularly manly young man, whom I've mentioned quite a few times on the blog--I found the sight of it quite jarring; it looked almost feral, like he was half-human and half-bear.

But, of course, a hairless penile region also seems cleaner and feels better, in addition to looking more attractive. I don't really give anyone oral sex unless he is the King of Sheba (I will save my thoughts on fellatio and monarchs for another day), but simply holding the delicate male tulip in one's hand is nicer when there's no pubicular 'fro to get in the way.*

Bonus, for the guys: "Trimming the bush makes the tree look taller!"

At least, that's what Gilette tells us in their how-to-shave-your-groin video.

The comments on the YouTube page for the viddy are rather interesting, often kind of hilarious. For instance, one wiseacre commented "I just cut my left nut-sack open. Is that bad?"

My careful research reveals that a lot of men prefer carefully


the nether-hair, as opposed to shaving, since it's easy to nick yourself down there and it can get itchy during the re-growth period. I think a close trim is probably about as good as a shave--but girls, what do you think?

And in general, do you agree that man-scaping is a good thing?

Men, if you think I'm being a female chauvinist pig, go ahead and let me know.



*Pubicular is not a real word but is synonymous with "pubic."

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