Best Random Flirtation Question Ever?


I loved all the comments about celebrities you'd like to get it on with! How in the WORLD could I have forgotten about Johnny Depp? Yes, yes, sign me up! And I'd also happily strap a leg over Ryan Reynolds.

Well, there are things to talk about. A few too many, for one day. Among other things, I went to a party on Saturday night, where I met the novelist Diana Spechler, who is basically my new favorite person. Unfortunately, she was so awesome I didn't do a very good job of getting my flirt on--I was too busy drooling over her. I did manage to ask one guy to point me to the bathroom, hoping that might open up an opportunity to get to know him a little better ... but it didn't. I suppose next time I should say something like, "I'm in need of finding the powder room--would you like to help me pull down my panties once I get in there?" That might illicit a little more excitement.

One pick-up-line-in-disguise line that


worked for me recently: If you had a band, what would you call it?

(Those of you who have been following the blog for a while might recall that the idea to do this came up when when I interviewed primo flirtation expert, Neil "The Game" Strauss.) I met a guy at a literary party a few weeks ago, and we'd had some fun chatting, but then the conversation began to die ... when I remembered Neil's advice about making flirty conversation. So I said to the dude, "Hey, if you had a band, what would you name it?"

Why is this a good flirty question? Mainly, I'd say, because it's an invitation to the person to be slightly playful and creative. And just about everybody loves music (and plenty of us have dreamed about being rock stars), so there's some fun built right into it. What's more, no one needs any special knowledge to be able to answer the questions; everyone's eligible.

Awesomely, as it turned out, the guy actually did have a band! And he and his musical homies had gotten together the night before to try and come up with a new name for it!

So the two of us went back and forth, brainstorming about possible names for his shoe-gaze indie rock band. But just before the effervescence of our interaction could die down, I decided to leave. On a high note, as it were. Before I could take off, though, I mentioned I was going to contact him via Twitter to find out what name he'd come up with.

The next morning, however, HE had contacted MOI via Twitter. We exchanged email addresses, and spent all last week going back and forth about possible band names. (My favorite was one I came up with: Miss Lonelyhearts and the Locusts--since they do have a lady singer. He is going to float it past his bandmates.)

Now, I didn't think this guy was serious boyfriend material, mainly because he's broke and barely making a living; and it's been my experience that when someone isn't financially or professionally stable, it causes way too more stress than a nascent relationship can withstand. But I was thinking ... Hey, maybe this guy could be my one-night-stand dude! After all, he's quite hot and very sweet.

The hot band guy and I were casually planning to meet up at the same party over the weekend where I met Diana ... and we did ... and we chatted for a bit ... and after about 7.5 minutes, I was totally bored. And I just knew that I would never be able to continue talking to him for more time than it took for me to down my club soda. So, yes: another possible casual sex candidate bites the dust.

However, I am still kind of thinking--kind of--that it might be fun to have sex with the Baby Fireman. Who has sent me some completely communications, none of which have made very much sense to me. More on that tomorrow.

Lovelies, did you have nice weekends?


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