Fun Holiday Dates

As I wander through the city, I'm struck by the holiday decorations adorning store fronts and interiors of restaurants. The tree in Rockefeller Plaza and lights in all the neighborhoods provide a romantic backdrop for dates...if I had a date.

My lack of fun dates so far this holiday season hasn't stopped me from brainstorming fun holiday dates. Here are a few ideas:

Holiday Movie Night

There are plenty of holiday movies to go with: holiday hijinx like Christmas Vacation, classics like A Christmas Story, or Miracle on 34th Street, or my favorite: Claymation Rudolph. Whatever you choose, the holidays are a great time to curl up by the fire and cuddle up for movies.

Ice Skating

Rockefeller Center's outdoor rink is the rink to try out in NYC. Personally, I find the outdoor rinks more charming than the indoor rinks, but either way it's fun because most of the time at least one of you can't skate worth a lick. Also, ice skating is an excuse for public display of affection-wary people like me to hold hands.

Picking Out A Tree

Head out in the cold together to pick out a tree to decorate. And, if you want an even more intense activity go to one of those farms where you cut down your own tree. A true team effort. Decorating the house for the holidays is a fun challenge to take on together.

The Nutcracker

Back when I believed in romance and I wasn't jaded, I would take a girl to see The Nutcracker each Christmas. It's surprisingly accessible for guys- lots of familiar music.It's an easy one if your guy is "culture-challenged," and it's sure to get you in to the holiday spirit.

Snow Activities

We recently had a blizzard along the East Coast, and it wasn't long before some gal pals and my buddies and I were out wrestling and hurling snowballs at each other. As long as you're not three margaritas deep like we were, you can sled, ski, and build snowmen together. Always take advantage of big snow falls with your significant other, it's a lot of fun.

Cookie Bakeoff

Some guys will be better at others at this, but making holiday cookies is a fun activity to do together. Share family recipes or research cool cookies to make, and then enjoy...maybe with a few Xmas movies, or some Xmas tunes.

Volunteer Work

Some people might not consider volunteering a "date," but working together to help those less fortunate is a noble way to give back over the holiday season.

What holiday activities and dates would you suggest? Have you tried any of the above dates?

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