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Valentine's Day Tidbits

I must apologize. As I finish up this post, only a few minutes remain in Valentine's Day 2010. My day has been pretty sad. I went out with my fellow disgruntled date, Todd, and came home alone last night. We ran into some interesting characters, headlined by a beautiful group of Canadian girls (why is every girl that I meet from Canada beautiful?).

But it got depressing when one of the girls guessed I was older than I was (the first time that's ever happened), and I was thrown off my game. Todd and I ended up discussing the evening's adventures over chicken tenders at the diner before calling it a night.

This morning I was so hungover, I couldn't get out of bed until the late afternoon. And, even then, I had a horrible headache. So, my late Valentine's post is because of my horrible hangover. It's a sad excuse, but I planned to post it this morning

Here are some fun gift/date/activities that I learned about as Valentine's Day approached:

What Valentine's date is complete without music? Guys love gadgets, so let this clever device do the heavy lifting for you: the Sonos ZonePlayer S5. It's a portable system that you can control with your iPod/iPhone, and gives you access to streaming music stations and download sites such as Napster and Rhapsody. You can create playlists and listen in any room in the house. So you'll have a musical backdrop whether you're cooking, stargazing, or soaking in the tub.

There are folks working to eliminate the anxiety a guy faces as he tries to buy clothes so he can avoid buying things too big or too small — I've made both mistakes. Myshape.com is a clothing site that allows consumers to input their measurements into a profile so that their significant other can get the correct sizes. And, as I found out from Myshape.com, women have up to 10 measurements. Considering my buddies and I don't know how many measurements we need to send in for tuxes for weddings, we definitely don't know all the female clothing measurements.

Make your man feel like super stud by nominating him for World's Greatest Lover. When you nominate your significant other for World's Greatest Lover by simply uploading their picture, the site will do the rest. There will be a custom newscast complete with commentary from an esteemed panel of judges that you can send to friends.

Wanna find out how compatible you are? Head to Omadamo.com to take a compatibility test. The system calculates the intensity of your relationship and your compatibility based on the following aspects: affection, respect, admiration, empowerment, loyalty, intimacy, and appreciation. At first glance, I feel like I'd measure up pretty poorly: I don't respect myself, I feel no empowerment around females, I fear intimacy, and I tend to only admire women who have boyfriends. But for those of you who do have something somewhat healthy going on, it's fun to see just how healthy you are. And the site even offers tips on improving your relationship.

Finally, I've had some fun date ideas on my mind. I dug up an interesting dogsledding with optional beer tasting outing (I assume after the sledding — we can't have any drunk dogsledding) offered by the New York Adventure Society. And it's great for singles or couples because there's a focus on socializing and meeting people. Other outings include ice climbing, a Valentine's massage class, hiking, mountain horseback riding/wine tasting, and (my personal favorite) guns & pub — again, I hope they do those two activities in the right order.

Remember my theory is that nothing brings us together like a challenge, and nature often creates a great challenge for couples. Do a little research, and I'm sure you can dig up some fun activities like this near your town. It's always a good thing to try something a little different.

Again, I apologize for my tardiness with my Valentine's tidbits, but these are things you can do anytime. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day...and I really hope you didn't spend it hungover in bed like me.

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