Will This BlackBerry App Help You Get Over Your Ex?

It blocks calls from any numbers you specify, but would you even want to pick up the phone?

Do we need a BlackBerry app to help us get over someone?

A newish app called PrivacyStar lets users block any number from calling them. As a spokesperson for the company tells me: "It's the perfect app for a courtship gone bad. It can also help you to ignore 'stalkers' or to resist the temptation of answering a call from an ex."

When a number is blocked with PrivacyStar, calls from the blocked caller do not show up in any way on your phone — so that you never know about them UNLESS you decide to log into your PrivacyStar account online (where there is a log that will show you how many times any blocked caller has attempted to reach you).

Through PrivacyStar, you can also arrange to have an "I'm Busy" text automatically sent out from your phone to anyone who tries to contact you during a period of time when you know you'll be busy — during an important business meeting, for instance, or during a treacherous drive through traffic. You can specify, in your text, what you're doing and how long it will take you to respond to any messages that come in during that time.

When I first heard about this thing, I thought it was a bunch of hoo-hah. For one thing, I don't need to resist picking up a call from someone I can't get over as much as I need help resisting making the call — and this app can't prevent you from dialing or texting a certain problematic person.

All the same, because I know how much my day can be ruined — or my concentration destroyed — by getting any kind of communication from a person I'm trying to forget about, I wonder if this thing might be somewhat useful. When someone you're not expecting to hear from calls you out of the blue, it can be tough to resist the impulse to pick up — whereas you have a little more control over a decision to abstain from proactive contact.

And if nothing else, I LOVE the idea that through the app, you can send an automatic text that explains what're you up to during a period when you can't answer the phone. NOTHING makes me more crazy than getting a call from a friend who wants to know where I am when I'm driving (especially when he KNOWS I'm in my car on the way to meet him). It would be a huge de-stresser to be able to make my phone say: "Sorry — I can't talk now! I'm driving and your call was so distracting that I almost crashed. Thanks."

One slight problem: I don't have a BlackBerry. So maybe this wouldn't come in handy after all.

What do you guys think? Are you going to go to PrivacyStar.com and sign up for this puppy ASAP?