8 Things You Never Knew About Me...and Were Afraid to Ask (Part 2)

Here are 4 more weird things about me:

I Have a Piece of Metal in My Head

Body anomalies, such as "I'm double-jointed," are fun to share. On my first visit to the orthodontist, an X-ray revealed a little piece of metal lodged against my skull. I remember the injury from the first-grade playground. I guess they decided the metal's presence didn't matter. They never took it out.

This might be something I could say early because it's memorable. I could see a girl telling her friends: "I'm going out with that guy who has a piece of metal in his head this weekend." Well, maybe not.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A shrink explained to me that normal people let bad thoughts fall through the cracks. But OCD people hold on to them, analyze, and try to find answers. It's a vicious anxiety cycle. I do weird ritualistic things too: count steps, avoid stepping on lines/cracks, check that I turned off the stove after leaving my apartment for a second time, etc.

I think I should hide this as long as possible. I suppose the charade will be over when a girl realizes I'm an extremely anxious person.

I'm Never Getting Rid of My High School Car

If you expect me to pick you up in a Lexus, think again. We'll cruise in my early '90s Jeep Wrangler. Don't worry, this summer I'm rehabbing it. But, first we have to get the dead squirrel out from under the hood.

This is lame, but interesting. I think I can let someone know this whenever, and I bet every girl will like the car when it's rehabbed! And it shows loyalty, right?

I'm a Closet Romantic

When I attempted to kiss my girlfriend in high school for the first time, I insisted that we play "our song" along with that first kiss. I put the song on and...chickened out for the whole song. So, I put it on again, and chickened out again. I put the song on repeat, and I finally kissed her around take seven. Even though my quest for romance usually ruins the romance, I get wrapped up in romantic places, moments, and memories. You might not think it when you see me Riverdancing on a table in a bar or complaining about the Ravens' lack of playmakers on offense.

Only certain women will ever know this. I don't show this side until I'm close to someone. Perhaps I should let it out faster, but it's more rewarding to limit it to the relationships that are special.

What traits of yours get a reaction from someone? Do they think it's attractive? Funny? Weird? And what random traits have you learned about boyfriends that endear them to you more...or less? Should I hide any of the above traits forever, or show any of them off sooner?

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