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Are Calling Cards Online Dating 2.0?

Have you guys heard about the next wave of online dating sites — which rely on physical calling cards you can hand off to a cute guy that include instructions about how he can go to the site to learn how to contact you (if he's interested)?

The New York Times wrote all about it yesterday.

In case you haven't gotten the idea already, let me give you a theoretical scenario. Let's say I'm in a coffee shop, and the cute guy across the room and I keep making eye contact ... but we're both too chicken to do anything about it. So, on my way out, I plunk one of my dating cards down on his table, flash him a smile, and escape without too much embarrassment. If he likes me, he follows the instructions on the card, which reveal to him how he can get in touch with me. (The different sites give you options about whether you want to list an e-mail address, cell phone number, or what.) You can choose not to reveal your full name — so if it turns out the hottie you hit on is also a crazy, he can't stalk you.

Ladies (and gents), would you pay money to use a site like this?

The nice people over at one of these sites — Greenlight Card — have given me a free account along with a nice-looking silver case of free cards. But somehow, I haven't managed to get excited about doing it.

Is it just me or is there something about this that smacks of trying too hard? I feel like if I were going to go to the trouble of pushing off a card on a stranger, I'd want it to seem more spontaneous and unique — so I'd give him a note scribbled on the back of my receipt, or on a page ripped from my Moleskin notebook.

But maybe I'm missing the point: If you have a bunch of cards, and you're paying for the site, maybe you'd invite a lot more strangers to get in touch than you would if you weren't paying for the service. And dating is a numbers game, right? AND I'M SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING FLIRTATIOUSLY!

So ... ?

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