15 Habits That Make Any Relationship Last

Some generosity hacks, if you will. 

Turns out, there are only two personality traits that lead to a lasting relationship: kindness and generosity. If you're struggling with the latter, try these quick ways to be more giving with your partner.

1. Let them have the last bite even though you feel like a ravenous beast. If you're both sharing the world's most incredible chocolate bar and you desperately want to eat all of it and then 12 more, but you know they're loving it too, just let them have the last bite. Who cares?

2. Give something without expecting even one thing in return. Don't even expect a thank you. Just do it because you love them and you want them to have a great day. FYI, this is the part where you say, "Awww," because this idea is so cute and therefore I must also be very cute.

3. Just let them pick the show or movie for once. Who knows? Maybe they'll also feel generous and pick something you both like, but even if they don't, you have books to read anyway.

4. If you live together, buy the milk and toilet paper, and don't mention it. You're sharing your life with this person. Winning the "most home stuff purchased" race only makes everyone pissy.

5. Do a sex thing they want to try even though you're not as excited about it as they are. Don't do it if you genuinely don't want to, but if it's just a situation where you're not immediately hyped about it and they really want to, give it a shot. You might end up really loving it.

6. If they invite you to a work event, don't plan something right after. There's nothing worse than your partner checking their phone every three minutes at an important event because they have to be at Jessie's surprise party in 20 minutes. Remove that problem for them.

7. If you know their mom is coming to town for the weekend, keep your schedule open. And for bonus points, plan cool stuff their mom would want to see and do while she's here, so your partner doesn't have to.

8. Prep their toothbrush for brushing when they're tired. Hell, put it right by their bed with toothpaste on it. Do anything short of brushing their teeth for them because that is apparently "creepy" and people do not "like it."

9. Make coffee for them in the morning even before they ask. And if you happen to know exactly how they like their coffee and you're able to successfully replicate that, you'll look like a wizard.

10. If they're really busy, take something off their plate. As a super workaholic, I can speak to this. I mean, I'm not great at letting people pry my work from my cold, workaholic fingers, but I like it when people try to anyway.

11. Buy them a new pack of socks, or pick up some cold medicine. There is nothing they'll be more grateful for than having you run a shitty errand they didn't have time for. It's so small but it's also huge.

12. Tuck them in. It feels as amazing for adults as it does for children. Seriously, when someone tucks me into bed, I feel like I've just been given illegal street drugs for which the only side effects are "unparalleled happiness."

13. Compliment something that is not their cute butt. There really is no such thing as too many compliments, but they're probably tired of hearing about their cute butt by now.

14. Surprise them with something they'd never expect you to do. It might just be getting home early and cooking dinner if they're the one who cooks. Or cleaning the bathroom while they're out. Or sending them a Starbucks email gift card in the middle of the day. Surprises rule.

15. Go out of your way to help their friend. If you know their friend is going through a breakup and you feel like you could offer some support in some way, offer to be there for them. The better you can make your partner's life, the better your life together will be.

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