12 Hilarious Habits Men Hide

Twelve ultragutsy guys reveal the personal quirks that make them "unique."

"I check for monsters under the bed. It all started when I was little, and I still need to do it on occasion. Only once has a woman ever noticed. I couldn't think of a good excuse, so I was honest: 'I'm checking for monsters.' She laughed and threw a pillow at me. Did she think I was kidding?" —Joe, 28, bond trader

"After any meal I cook, I worry about residue on my pots and pants (what if it's E. coli?). So I fill them with water, turn the burners on high, and boil the hell out of them." —Blake, 27, actor

"I pick my nose — but only when I'm alone." —Patrick, 28, educator

"I bite my toenails." —Geoff, 28, researcher

"When I was little, my grandma taught me to tap open an eggshell and suck the raw insides out. I still do it." —Alfredo, 42, fitness trainer

"I eat in stages. When I start one part of a meal, I have to finish it all before I move on to the rest." —Michael, 24, waiter

"I speak to my cats exclusively in Spanish." —Nathaniel, 29, PR professional

"Each morning, I sort baseball cards. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours." —Mikael, 47, mime

"I shave my pubic hair." —Michael, 32, program director

"Every time I have a bad thought, I cross myself. And every time I make a wish, I also cross myself. So I end up doing it 75 to 100 times every day!" —Anthony, 24, law student

"I put cologne on when I work late. For some reason, it helps me concentrate." —Mike, 33, lawyer

"If I'm too lazy to do laundry, I stuff my dirty clothes in one of my dresser drawers. I call it my magic drawer, because after a few days, clothes seem magically cleaner!" —Joel, 30, writer

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