7 Reasons I'm Just Not That Into You

The movie is hitting theaters everywhere and the cast is on the cover of Marie Claire, here are my reasons...
Valentin Casarsa

1. Obvious Celebrity Emulation

When a girl gets the same haircut as her favorite celebrity, and dresses like that celebrity on top of this, it is obvious. "Oh that girl thinks she's Katie Holmes." Suddenly, all of the focus is off of hearing what this girl has to say and on to the fact that she thinks she's a particular celeb. It's also a little psycho to just cop someone else's style and look.

However, if she can take a celebrity's style and spin her own take onto it, it can be really attractive and intriguing. I love those winter jackets girls wear sometimes that look like the ones that Jackie O. wore. Just a little Jackie O. flare is fine-you don't have to try to be her!

2. Lingering After One Night Stands

Don't ever expect to find the love of your life after a one-night stand or random make-out. These events are phenomena where everything seems magical and then suddenly shuts off — much like Cinderella losing her game at midnight. Do not linger in bed hungover. I'm foul when I'm hungover, so I am sure others are too. You can't contaminate someone's bed with that. Do everything you can to get home and fester in your own bed.

3. Rushing Things

Every serious relationship comes to that point where we look at ourselves, our lives, and consider taking that next step into exclusivity and beyond. If I'm not ready to do it then it's not going to work, and I might literally be frightened off if I perceive that you're too serious.

4. Lying

Whether it's cheating or a little lie that you got caught in, it will be hard to regain trust. Trust is something I don't give away easily and once it's gone it's hard to get it back. I'll always be wondering about that lie, and doubt will creep in more and more as my mind fixates on that lie.

5. Being Too Controlling

It's scary but I've seen many relationships where guys forbid girls to hang out with certain friends, or wear certain clothes - and I've seen girls do the same. It's a major problem if someone is controlling me and not allowing me to be who I want to be within a relationship.

6. My Friends or Family Don't Like You

My friends and family know me best. Don't take their thoughts with a grain of salt. It's one thing if a person or two don't get along, but if a lot of them are saying I should reconsider, then I will.

7. Attitude Towards Others

When I go out to dinner with a girl, I keep a close eye on how she treats the waiter. Sometimes I feel as if I'm overly cordial to people: I wish them a nice day and always make sure to say "thanks". It's fun to be out with a girl and watch her make people smile from afar. It makes me feel proud and lucky that I'm with her. It's already an amazing thing when I meet a girl that can brighten my days. But if this girl brightens everyone's days, then I'm even luckier. However, if she doesn't then I'm just not that into her.


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