What's your sex secret?

"The only way I can get off is if I fantasize that I'm a secretary and I'm doing it with my boss." -Michelle, 27

"I keep erotic stories on my iPod and secretly read a few while watching TV with my boyfriend. That way, by the time we go to bed, I already have a head start." -Brooke, 26

"I hate feet, so I always have sex with my socks on-and I prefer if he does, too." -Karen, 27

"I'm not getting any!" -Kristy, 32

"My friends would be amazed if they knew the real number of men that I have slept with. it's up there." -Kimberly, 28

"I've been having sex with my 'friend with benefits' since my sophomore year of college. We dated for four weeks and have been sleeping together for four years." -Kristen, 23

"I didn't sleep with a man because HE HAD A SMALL penis." -Carla, 26

"I've always wanted to do it in a public restroom." -Jaime, 27

"I lost my virginity on my dad's 50th birthday." -Gina, 27

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