The New Rules of Sex

How we want it, get it, love it.

Welcome to your sex life, 2007, where the bases have changed (but they're still all loaded), we're plugging in to get turned on, and we understand and misunderstand each other more than ever, depending on the day. How to make sense of it and get more of what you want? We went into real people's bedrooms (someone had to) to discover their deepest, sexiest secrets (and a few missteps). We also surveyed the country on what's happening in bed (don't miss out). Indulge yourself.

In the first-ever Marie Claire/Esquire national survey, we got more than 1700 adults between the ages of 21 and 49 to tell us-you horny things-exactly what it is you do between the sheets . . . and at your computer, on your desk, on the first date, in the elevator, and more. Now we know the real reason everyone's so addicted to their BlackBerries, what's wrong with cyberflirting, and how many times a week you're getting it on. The truth, by the numbers.


Average number of . . . times per week you have sex: 2.6 for men; 2.3 for women partners in lifetime: 14 for men; 11 for women times per week you masturbate: 3.8 for men; 1.6 for women


61% of men surf the Net for porn; about half of them spend an hour or more per week doing it. 17% of women surf for porn; only a third put an hour or more into it.


14% of women have looked at porn on the Internet at work; 32% of men have.

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