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Valentine's Day Breakfast Challenge

Foster some healthy competition between you and your beau this Valentine's Day with a feisty cooking face-off.

By Monique Valeris

Swap breakfast-in-bed for a quick-fire challenge by preparing dishes for each other. Choose a prize for the winner before you get cooking and judge each other's meals. You'll have tons of fun trying something new together, and maybe all of the heat in the kitchen will transfer to the bedroom.

Dress The Part

Design aprons and chef hats for each other. Zazzle.com has a host of Valentine's Day aprons and Buy.com has a wide selection of chef hats in sultry shades of red.

Try Some Tunes

Choose music that will fit the atmosphere you want to create. Tune into jazz if you're looking for a mellow morning, or turn up the energy with the same kind of music you would listen to at the gym. Get a list of good workout songs here.

Share Your Photos

Can't decide on a winner? Snap a few pics of both of your dishes and let your friends decide who the champion chef will be.

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