Marie Claire Presents: The Love Match!

It's time to get wifed up y'all.

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What's better than watching people find love? Spend your lunch break with us as's editor and dating guru sit down to bring cupid to lonely hearts on Valentine's Day. Help play matchmaker for three amazing single gals through a series of questions and games (you get to weigh in on!) to help them select a suitor. Tweet @marieclaire with the hashtag #MCLoveMatch with your questions for a chance to participate in all the flirtatious fun!

Meet the girls!


Occupation: Teen advisor at the YMCA and freelance writer/producer

Fun fact: Performed Hula and Tahitian dancing for 18 years

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Occupation: Journalist

Fun fact: Been an opera singer since high school

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Occupation: Currently studying real estate

Fun fact: Once sang karaoke with Patrick Swayze

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Want to know more? Tune in on FRIDAY at 12:30 p.m. to see who we hook them up with!