How to Be The Best Sex He's Ever Had

Each week our guy expert Lodro Rinzler will relay a story about a different man's best sex ever. This week, meet Dan.

The set up: "Sandra and I had met at a friend's record release party. We flirted, I got her number, and at the end of the night I gave her a quick kiss goodbye. Two days later we got drinks at a hotel bar then dropped by a friend's party. Even though she was being flirtatious I didn't know if anything was going to happen; it was our first date after all. After a drink there she looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted to get out of there."

What happened: "We started fooling around on my couch. She looked me dead in the eyes, said, 'This is going to be fun,' then led me to the bedroom. We were naked in seconds."

Why it was hot: "Sandra was a ballerina and she really took the time to show off how flexible she is, pulling her legs straight up. In addition to the whole flexibility thing she was just uninhibited. She knew exactly what she liked and told me. Nothing is hotter than when the woman is completely ravenous for what's going on."

Can you do it? While you may not be a ballerina, there is a lesson to be learned here. The thing that turned Dan on the most was knowing that his partner was as into it as he was, and she did that by telling him what she liked. In other words, you don't have to hide whatever kinks you're into. Inviting the guy to do specific things is a major turn on for most men, so no need to be shy.

The aftermath: Dan and Sandra never saw each other again. Dan tried contacting her (and in fact reached into his phone to text her right after telling me this story) but she simply was not interested in dating. In keeping consistent, she was pretty straight-forward with him, saying she had fun, but he wasn't the guy for her. Don't worry about Dan though; he has no regrets.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, Dan probably wasn't the best sex Sandra's ever had. Womp, womp...


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