White Weddings in Sin City!

What Happens in Vegas, starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, joins a pantheon of memorable and regrettable wedding flick pictures that have improbable couples uniting in the unholiest of matrimonies.
what happens in vegas, cameron diaz, ashton kutcher
Lester Cohen
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What Happens in Vegas, 2008
Joy (Cameron Diaz) and Jack (Ashton Kutcher) are the world’s unluckiest pair who find each other on the Vegas strip. A few hours and several cocktails later, the drunken pair wed in a ceremony straight out of Animal House. (Her bouquet is made of beer bottles and sippy straws.) Matrimonial Jackpot? Double down. After a winning quarter pays off at the slots, these two hotties have about 3 million reasons to fall in love. Some noteworthy laughs make this one worth seeing.
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