KinkBNB Is the Sex-Positive Home Rental You've Been Waiting For, Maybe?

Will Christian Grey rent out his Red Room, y/n?

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Frustrated with how few of your Airbnb homes have sex swings and handcuffs? KinkBNB is here for you. The "sex-positive home sharing community" is basically Airbnb for the romantically inclined, and they 100 percent prioritize safety. 

Not only will your privacy be guaranteed if you book with KinkBNB (nothing is stored on the Cloud, for example), you can use an Avatar. Also noteworthy: security questions include "top or bottom." 🙌

"Sex is part of human nature, and cultures surrounding sex have been around since before written history," the site explains. "With the melting pot of humanity brought about and accelerated by globalization, there is no better way to discover what the locals do than to get out there and travel. Sex tourism is a growing trend, and we view our hosts are not only our valued partners but as authorities on the local sex positive scene."

You'll have to sign up for KinkBNB to check out the listings, but homes include items like thrones, electric chairs, fur-covered cages, dungeons, and "adult rocking horses." 

On that note, here's some documentary footage of Future You IRL:

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