Does He Tweet About His Cat?

If so, he's probably not date-worthy. Before you head out on that first hang, check his social networks.

1. Scenic landscapes; his elderly relatives; street art.

2. Plugs for his sister's vegan-living blog; Retweets of badass ladies; brilliant Parks and Recreation recaps.

3. The BuzzFeed lists you somehow missed; indie band discoveries; obscure '90s videos.

4. Teaching his little brother to skateboard; perfecting his guitar-picking; hiking in his fave outdoor spot.

5. Brunch pics; weekend friend crew; his pet (often on unmade bed).

6. Non-snarky office observations; appropriate but pointless RIPs ("We'll miss you, Tony Soprano"); sports score updates.

7. Pics of his youth mentee; check-ins; promos for his bestie's terrible comedy night.

8. Pickup basketball games; gadgetry showoffs; goofy moves to the new Daft Punk album.

9. Selfie overboard; body shots; party detritus.

10. #Too #Many #Hashtags; battles with strangers; spoilers.

11. Whining displays of ennui; Candy Crush level advancement announcements; overdone memes.

12. Embarrassing karaoke fails; "harmless" drive-by acts of vandalism; beer pong games.

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