Is 'Going Dutch' the New Norm for Engagement Rings?

See what women have to say about splitting the cost of their engagement rings.

A recent survey on The Knot revealed that couples are increasingly going Dutch on engagement rings.

Though the results were almost split in half—with 46 percent of women in favor of splitting the cost, and 54 percent of women against the practice—the survey elicited strong opposing opinions on whether modern times really do call for this type of modern measure.

Samantha Daniels, founder of Samantha's Table Matchmaking, told that with both men and women now earning money and wielding decision-making power, "it's not surprising that both of them are involved. I think it makes for a better connection between the two people."

Not all agree with Daniels, arguing that the traditional mandate that a man pay for his fiancée's engagement ring was essential. Among men, reactions ranged from full support of the concept to strong dislike. Ultimately, as Daniels pointed out, individual couples should decide how to select and finance the engagement ring—a reminder that for many couples, defining their own rules is what feels most modern.