My Life as a Falling-Down, Blacking-Out, Drunk-Dialing, Life-Ruining Addict
I haven't had a drink or a drug since 2011, but if I were to have a glass of champagne or take a line of cocaine, I know I'd be off and...
Everything to Watch on Netflix in May
What's this "sunshine" you speak of?
Anne Hathaway in Grounded
Anne Hathaway's New Role Sounds Seriously Intense
And she's getting incredible reviews.
Mariah Carey Drops New Neo-'90s Track, Subsequently Wins Breakup from Nick Cannon
"Is it lack of ice got you so cold?"
6 Horrible Life Lessons from 'Game of Thrones': Season 5, Episode 3
Pencil in another wedding. Sigh.
Will and Kate to Casually Announce Royal Baby #2's Arrival via Twitter do I get on this listserv?
6 Hairstyles for When You Can't Be Bothered to Wash Your Hair
You got dry shampoo and five minutes? You can do this.
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Inside the Lives of Pakistan's Cross-Dressing Men
10 Reasons Sex Hurts
Does the Style in 'SATC' Still Hold Up?
Kim Kardashian Speaks Out About Bruce Jenner's Transition, Says Family Is 100% Behind Him
"We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes."
Amy Winehouse's Family Claims the Documentary Being Made About Her Is "Misleading"
And they now wish to disassociate themselves from the film.
Sophia Bush Writes a Heartbreaking Tribute to Her Ex, One of the Thousands Who Died in the Nepal Earthquake
"Pieces of my heart that have broken into such tiny shards, I'll likely never find them all."
Spring's Best Shoes: The 30 Pairs You Need to See/Own/Wear This Season
We're posting a new pair every day this month.
Whirlwind Romantics Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Got Married
Cecily Strong Killed It at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
Here, her best jokes.
The Flood of Celebrity Support for Bruce Jenner Is Moving, Will Make You Cry
Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, and more speak out.
"I Am a Woman": Bruce Jenner Finally Opens Up in Emotional Diane Sawyer Interview
"We're going to change the world. I really firmly believe that."
Hey Patriarchy: Olivia Wilde Sees Your Sexism and Raises You This Badass Feminist Flick
"Apathy is for dickheads."
The Best Celebrity Shoes of the Week
According to probability, Blake Lively was bound to make the list. More than once.
Finding the Most Flattering Hat for Your Face
You've got to know those angles.
32 Surprising Things That Ruin Your Skin
We'e all guilty of these bad habits every now and then.
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The Discerning Girl's Guide to Hot Guys
They speak multiple languages, have business acumen, are world-class musicians, went to Harvard, etc. etc. You're welcome.
You Know How "Going-Out" Clothes Are Over? Here's How to Get Away with Wearing Yours
If that sparkly top could talk...
The Kardashian Guide to Naked Dressing
It's not about showing skin, per se.
Beauty the Better Way
Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever
The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils
I Stole This Concealer Secret from a Makeup...
3 Game-Changing Beauty Brands to Watch out for...
Emma Sulkowicz's Accused Rapist Is Suing Columbia University for Discrimination
Paul Nungesser says the school supported a "harassment campaign."
Love & Sex
8 Sex Toys So Pretty They Don't Look Like Sex Toys
Like, can-leave-out-in-front-of-houseguests-and-not-be-embarrassed pretty.
Cobie Smulders Opens Up About Having Ovarian Cancer While Filming 'How I Met Your Mother'
She was just 25 when she was diagnosed.
9 Times Celebrities' Younger Selves Starred in Hilariously Cheesy Commercials
We couldn't have imagined these in our wildest dreams.
Exclusive: Bella Thorne's Coachella Travel Diary
It's like you were there—but in a pretty, dreamy way.
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