How Often Do You *Really* Need to Exfoliate?
Why is everyone telling me different things?!
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You Can Now See Your Doctor...on Your Phone
Bid adieu to that waiting room.
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Why Is No One Using Lube?! A Manifesto
I am flat-out asking you, as a favor to yourself, to read this article.
#HowtoSpotaFeminist Is, Um, Exactly Why We Need Feminism
Ugh, people, would you just *listen*?
The 25 Celebrity Brows You Must Study Before Your Next Shaping
A complete catalog of every kind.
Why I "Gave Up" at 27—and Why I Wish I'd Done It Earlier
Sometimes "letting yourself go" can be more of a victory than a surrender.
Beauty Secrets from K-Pop Stars
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Why I've Decided I'm Not Having Kids
Inside the Lives of Pakistan's Cross-Dressing Men
10 Reasons Sex Hurts
Does the Style in 'SATC' Still Hold Up?
Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Bruce Jenner's Transition: "I Couldn't Ask for a Better Dad"
She breaks down in tears in a new preview clip.
7 Ways to Treat Acne That's Not on Your Face
Body, why do you betray us so?
4 Easy Steps to Applying Fake Lashes That Don't Look Fake
Miss Fame of 'Ru Paul's Drag Race' teaches us her ways.
Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal as a Tribute to the Guy Behind "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal"
The meme creator gets an appropriately internet-y homage.
It's Official: Side-Butt Is the New Side-Boob
According to that time Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé all wore it on the same night.
Told You Lady Gaga and Alexander Wang Would Throw an Epic Met Gala Afterparty
It happened—there are pics.
The Hottest Couples at the 2015 Met Gala
Because arm candy is a requirement.
We Will Definitely Have a Female President in 2016
...even if it's just in a movie.
The Latest Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Hair Transformations
Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Facepalm: Jeremy Renner Called Black Widow a Slut Again
Lesson clearly *not* learned.
The Best Instagrams from the 2015 Met Gala
A (forbidden) sneak peek behind the scenes of fashion's biggest night.
Joni Mitchell May Get to Leave the Hospital Soon
The 71-year-old was found unresponsive a few weeks ago, but is making a recovery.
The Evolution of the "Naked Dress"
Same shock tactic, many wearers.
Science Has Made an Unstainable White Shirt
We've been dreaming of this day forever.
7 Game-Changing Mascara Techniques You've Probably Never Considered Before
It's not that you're doing it wrong—you could just be doing it better.
Beauty the Better Way
Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever
The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils
I Stole This Concealer Secret from a Makeup...
3 Game-Changing Beauty Brands to Watch out for...
The Melodramatic Journey of Justin Timberlake's Fall from a Lime
"Pucker face—that's what we cured....along with scurvy."
What to Wear to Work When You're Channeling Kim Kardashian
When she's all business, so is her work wardrobe.
22 Glorious Times Celebrities Let Us See Their Beauty Routines
Like when they decide to dye their underarm hair pink. As you do.
"When I Close My Eyes, I Hear People Crying": A Young Nepali Woman on Life After the Earthquake
The terrifying truth.
Sofia Vergara Breaks Her Silence on Embryo Lawsuit: "I Didn't Do Anything Wrong"
The actress finally addresses the legal battle with her ex, Nick Loeb.
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