5 New Ideas for When You Hate Your Hair
Not another *regular* ponytail.
11 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Their Moms
The Hollywood gene pool is seriously strong.
Kylie Jenner Confirms That Her Lips Are, in Fact, Surgically Enhanced
And hearing her say it is surprisingly endearing?
Marvel's CEO Might Have Something Against Female Superheroes
No context, no takedown. Yet.
Love & Sex
A New Survey Says the World's Sexiest People Are Armenian Women and Irish Men
It's getting hot in here.
You Must See Everything Taylor Swift Is Wearing on Tour
Rainbow sequins, beaded fringe, and thigh-high boots.
Why We Need to Stop Calling It "Revenge Porn"
Thoughts on how to finally eradicate internet trolls.
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5 Celebrity Clothing Lines You'd Actually Wear
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The New 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Will Either Make You Cringe or Whimper
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The Fascinating Reasoning Behind Princess Charlotte's Name
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Will Sharing Your Salary on Twitter Solve the Wage Equality Problem?
#talkpay picks up steam.
There's a 'Mean Girls' Sequel, and Jennifer Aniston's Going to Be in It
Don't say fetch, don't say fetch.
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The Disgusting Reasons You Should Never, Ever, *Ever* Wear Flip-Flops
They're comfortable, but also really bad for you.
Health & Fitness
America Is One of the Worst Places on Earth for Maternal Healthcare
According to an eye-opening new report.
Blake Lively Is Making Some Drop-Dead Gorgeous Appearances for 'Age of Adaline'
She's upping the sartorial ante.
Beyoncé, Queen of the Met Gala, Pulls the Best Next-Day Lazy-Girl Stunt Ever
Fresher than you.
The 5 Best Celeb Excuses for Skipping the Met Gala
It "sucked!"
If the (Brutally) Honest 'Fifty Shades' Trailer Doesn't Shatter Your Illusions, Nothing Else Will
"It's a plug. For your butt."
The Best Looks from the 'Pitch Perfect 2' Press Tour
The Bellas are slaying it.
Amy Schumer Parodies '12 Angry Men' for an Entire Episode, Uses It as a Hilarious Feminist Takedown
"Debating the Dildo" is an actual sketch. And it's brilliant.
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16 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Tampons
Let's just say you should *really* be washing your hands.
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You Can Now See Your Doctor...on Your Phone
Bid adieu to that waiting room.
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Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever
The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils
I Stole This Concealer Secret from a Makeup...
3 Game-Changing Beauty Brands to Watch out for...
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Why Is No One Using Lube?! A Manifesto
I am flat-out asking you, as a favor to yourself, to read this article.
#HowtoSpotaFeminist Is, Um, Exactly Why We Need Feminism
Ugh, people, would you just *listen*?
The 25 Celebrity Brows You Must Study Before Your Next Shaping
A complete catalog of every kind.
Why I "Gave Up" at 27—and Why I Wish I'd Done It Earlier
Sometimes "letting yourself go" can be more of a victory than a surrender.
The Beauty Secrets of K-Pop Stars
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