The Rules of Talking About People You Work With
"Ugh. Chelsea's so annoying." I HEARD THAT.
We're Officially Copying Emily Weiss's Morning Beauty Routine, and Here's Why You Will be Too
It's time to reboot your grooming habits.
11 Times Lady Gaga Already Looked Like an 'American Horror Story' Character
After all, she is Mother Monster.
Inside the Double Lives of Pakistan's Cross-Dressing Men
"I am a man who simply enjoys dancing and needs money to have a better life, and being a woman is the way."
Apparently Your Everyday Gym Look Is Now High Fashion
We are *definitely* not mad about it.
What 'Girls' Star and PR Phenom Audrey Gelman Is Reading Right Now
Cop her daily media diet.
20 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Friends
Because Hollywood is a weird place.
Your Guide to Surviving a Layoff
From someone who's been there.
This 'Titanic' Theory Will Change How You Feel About Jack Dawson Forever
We will all always love Jack Dawson.
Great Thing of the Day: This Epic Llama Chase
There are two llamas on the loose in Arizona, Thelma and Louise style.
10 GIFs of Taylor Swift Dancing Awkwardly with Famous People
Because she's just the best at it.
6 Story Lines We Could Definitely See Happening on 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
Hotel, really? All right, here goes...
Health & Fitness
Here's Beyoncé's Exact Workout, Broken Down Step by Step
We now know the secret to that bangin' bod.
Rushed for Work? These 15 Chic Hairstyles Take Under 60 Seconds
And here's how to do 'em. You're welcome!
Don't Tell Wes Anderson, But 'Grand Budapest Hotel' Might Be Even Better with LEGOs
Plastic figurines punching each other and cursing = gold.
10 Bags You Should Splurge on Because They're Just That Good
Shop responsibly.
Lupita Nyong'o's $150K Oscar Dress Was Stolen
The custom dress featured 6,000 pearls.
Why Your Hair Won't Ever Hold a Curl
It's part genetics, part technique.
Hypocrite Who Made Money from Revenge Porn Demands Google Take His Photo Down
I just can't.
The Kardashians Just Signed a $100 Million Contract for Four More Years of Reality Shows
At this point E! is basically the "Kardashian Network."
Health & Fitness
Another Day, Another Marijuana Legalization: You Can Now Smoke Pot in Washington, D.C., Too
The nation's capital joins three states where recreational marijuana is legal.
Julianna Marguiles's 'Good Wife' Hair Is a Wig/Full of Secrets
Makes sense.
George Clooney Wrote a Harrowing Op-Ed About "Torture Rapes" in Darfur
"We must not forget the survivors."
Spider-Man's Girlfriend Is Now a Badass Superhero
Meet Spider-Gwen, your new favorite heroine.
Heads Up, 'Divergent' Fans: The Final Trailer for 'Insurgent' Is Here
Shailene Woodley is kicking ass and taking names.
Kylie's House vs. Kendall's Apartment: An Analysis
That's a lot of space for one person.
Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt Will Star in the New 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Movie
They'll join Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron in the prequel.
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